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Visit Zambia Ad Trump Card

When President of the United States of America allegedly called African countries S… hole countries, a Zambian focused website came up with clever advertising campaign that got a lot of publicity from top media companies around the world. Well done

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Zambia Airways Set To Make A Come Back

Ethiopian Airlines has finalised a shareholder’s agreement with the government of Zambia to re-launch Zambia Airways. The government of Zambia will own 55 per cent of the airline, while Ethiopian will have a 45 per cent stake. Zambia Airways was liquidated in 1995, but Ethiopian says it is re-establishing the carrier as part of its […]

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Zambia Ranked The Safest Country To Visit In 2018

According to a top travel writer from sky scanner, he has produced a list of the safest countries to visit in 2018 and Zambia is right at the top of that list. These are the Safest Countries to Visit in 2018: Zambia Slovenia Japan New Zealand Norway Chile Austria Singapore Costa Rica Portugal Tied with […]

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